Concert in 2020

Must-Have Things During A Concert in 2020

Concert Concert in 2020

Gone are the days when attending a concert meant simply be present at the moment and enjoy good music. That was a thing that boomers used to do. The Millenials have different demands and need better facilities and availabilities that match their lifestyle and entertainment. One cannot go to a concert empty-handed today and have a great time as the first thing they will miss is their cellphone. Social media is a part of daily life today for people, and letting a concert go without posting something about it on social media is not something a millennial or a zoomer can settle for. Here is a list of other essentials that you need today to have a great time at a concert.

Light clothes

Concerts can get heated up really quickly. Unless you are attending a concert in winters, wear light clothes that your body can breathe through. Check the weather conditions to see if you will need a waterproof jacket. Since you will be standing in a crowd, jumping and partying, you will start sweating quickly, and if you have layers of clothing, it will get difficult for you.

Light clothes


Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes to go to a concert. Wear padded socks and a comfortable pair of sneakers to relax your feet since you will be standing throughout the concert. High heels and formal shoes are not comfortable for a concert. Sneakers will help you in jumping and dancing around the concert without hurting your feet.


It is better to keep money in cash with you during a concert. Most of the stalls will have a heavy crowd, and they will not be able to manage to swipe the cards for everyone. If you are holding a card, the chances are that the stall will do their best to ignore you and serve the cash holders first.

Hair Tie

If you have long hair, you will start to feel the heat as soon as you start enjoying yourself. This tip is especially for the metalheads who grow long hair for the culture. At some point, you will need something to hold your hair up so your neck can breathe. That is why you need a hair tie.


Most of the concerts today have a tradition of holding up mobile phone flashes to make the numbers count. But lighter is still the most authentic way of lighting up the area. When a slow song comes up, you can hold your lighters up and groove with the music. It is something that should be there in every pocket in a concert. It will still work if you have your smartphone flash to do the job.


You will need smartphones for many other reasons than using it as a torch. You can call up your friends in case you get lost. You can go live on your social media and stream the concert for your profit. You can also record the show, take pictures, and edit them later to save as memories. Even if you are the old traditional person who likes to live in the moment, a single pic with your friends on occasion will do no harm.

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