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5 Tips for a Successful Online Concert

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Due to the current covid situation, most of the club events and concerts have been canceled and taken a break as people need to maintain social distancing. While it is bad news for the popular artists who had their tours planned around the world this year, it has opened a new opportunity for the upcoming artists. Online concerts are now a thing, and more people are getting familiar with it as the fresh artists are entertaining their fans by coming live on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. New artists can connect with the audience directly while also receiving tips from them during the online show. If you are an artist or manager to an artist, here is how you can a successful online concert.

Learn about the platform

Explore all the features that a social media platform offers. You can also use gaming platforms like Twitch to keep your concert. But most importantly, you must know how it works. Some errors during the stream can make you lose your viewers in no time as they can get distracted by their phone really quickly. Make sure that your streaming equipment is a charger and you have stable WiFi.

Monetize your show

Monetize your show

Keep the payment options easy and quick for your viewers so they can directly send you tips while you are online. While some platforms offer entry tickets, others can be free to watch, but the viewers can tip you directly. Based on your audience and the type of concert you are keeping, choose your mode of payment. Do not expect all your viewers to tip you and focus on your show while the audience can decide whether they want to tip or not.


You should start promoting your concert days before you plan on coming online. If you go live all of a sudden, your audience will not be ready for it, and you will not receive many views. Instead, if you let them know early, they will make time to come online at the time of your online event. It will also help you reach out to more people before coming online, so a greater audience will await your show.

Consider time zones

Consider time zones

If you have an international audience base, make sure to find a time that is suitable for everyone. You do not want half of your audience sleeping while you are online. To solve this problem, you can also keep double events to cover both sides of the world. Take the help of Spotify analytics to find out where your maximum fans are located. You should always keep these areas your top priority to get maximum views.

Keep it authentic

In the end, just run a good show online. Be yourself and perform your songs while interacting with your audience. Keep some time in between your songs to engage with the audience and answer their questions. It will make them feel connected and will bring them back every time you hold a concert after that.

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