Why You Need to Attend A Concert At Least Once In Your Life

Attend A Concert Concert

Music concerts are one of the biggest events that take place in the world, assembling large audiences similar to world sports events. While you may have many favorite artists in different genres, if you feel that going to a concert will not change your life, then here are ten ways to prove you wrong. Here is why you need to attend at least one music concert at least once in your life.

Open up yourself

The feeling that you will get to a music concert is something worth paying for. The loudspeakers and a crowd nothing worrying about their surroundings and having a good time will bring you out of your shy zone and give you time to be yourself. You can scream, dance, run around, jump without getting questioned for it. Your body will release more dopamine and decrease cortisol release, also known as the stress hormone.

Feel like a part of something

Feel like a part of something

When you are listening to the same people as the other thousands of people around you, you will feel like a big family or a cult that is celebrating a big event together. Also, know that all of these people also have a similar music taste as you and may also share a lot of other similarities with you. When the crowd cheers up the artists on stage, you will do the same. When the crowd starts jumping, you will jump too. You will feel more welcomed at a concert than any other event.

Burn calories

When you jump for minutes until the song ends and start jumping again for the next song, you are doing more workout than you could have done at a gym. Concerts will make you show your dance moves and enjoy yourself. Studies show that you can burn up to 400 calories dancing in a concert within an hour. You may also learn how to warm up your body quickly while having fun at a concert.

Discover new music

Discover new music

You do not have to wait for the favorite artist to arrive to go to a concert. Even when you are in a concert to listen to your favorite artist, a few bands or artists will open the set and help you get in the groove. This is an opportunity for you to discover new local artists and their genres. Maybe the artist that you listen to before your favorite artist later will become your new favorite.

Find your inspiration

If you are an artist yourself or like to see your work as an art, going to a concert will inspire you to move forward in doing what you love. When you see an artist perform live, you get really inspired by their skills and discipline in performing their set. Seeing a true artist live will always motivate you to explore your skills and work on them until you become as good as them in what you do.

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