Our First Living Room Show

Yes, this is us performing in someone else’s lounge… it is Andreas’ lounge. We had an awesome evening with him and his family & friends, just a few days ago!

The youngest member of the audience (4 years old) was singing along to “Go”, which is why we are all smiling…

If you want us to show up at your house, have a look at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/livingston and book your own exclusive private Livingston show!
Only 3 of them left…

Livingston — No More Promises – MyVideo

A Big Thank You For Your Support!

All of you who are supporting us and our new recording project at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/livingston are also automatically supporting our friend Rosie’s amazing charity organisation Foundations.(au), because part of the Pledge money goes to them!

This is a picture of Rosie and some of her little friends from Uganda, saying thank you to all you guys for your support!!!

After all the great responses we have gotten from you about our new album FIRE.TO.FIRE, we are already planning our next musical adventure and we would love you to be a part of it!

At our recent acoustic shows many of you have asked us if we would ever record something acoustically again, and the answer is YES!For our next side-project we have decided to record brand-new acoustic versions of our favorite tracks from the album for you, plus some new unreleased songs as well!

And with your help and support through Pledge Music we can get it out there.

On the Pledge Music page you can become an integral part of making and releasing this record.

We’re making it a full-on journey that invites you all to be the backstage guest – music, pics, videos – anything and everything will be posted here exclusively so you can see what’s happening as it all unfolds.

Aside from the EP we are making a bunch of very special items (hand made by us) available for you to buy, and the money will finance the studio/producer/manufacturing and liters of coffee we will need to record this baby for you.

Only a few hours after the project’s launch today, we have already reached 40% of our target! Thanks to you guys we might be recording this thing sooner than expected!

Here is the link to our Pledge campaign, we would love it if you got involved!

Once we reach 100% our charitable contribution kicks in. A percentage of all monies raised beyond our target will be donated to Foundations.(au), a charity which our good friend Rosie O’Halloran started a few years ago to help orphaned kids in Uganda.

We love Rosie and her work and are thrilled to support her organisation with our Pledge campaign!