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5 Tips for a Successful Online Concert

Online Concert

Due to the current covid situation, most of the club events and concerts have been canceled and taken a break as people need to maintain social distancing. While it is bad news for the popular artists who had their tours planned around the world this year, it has opened a new opportunity for the upcoming artists. Online concerts are now a thing, and more people are getting familiar with it as the fresh artists are entertaining their fans by coming live on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. New artists can connect with the audience directly while also receiving tips from them during the online show. If you are an artist or manager to an artist, here is how you can a successful online concert.

Learn about the platform

Explore all the features that a social media platform offers. You can also use gaming platforms like Twitch to keep your concert. But most importantly, you must know how it works. Some errors during the stream can make you lose your viewers in no time as they can get distracted by their phone really quickly. Make sure that your streaming equipment is a charger and you have stable WiFi.

Monetize your show

Monetize your show

Keep the payment options easy and quick for your viewers so they can directly send you tips while you are online. While some platforms offer entry tickets, others can be free to watch, but the viewers can tip you directly. Based on your audience and the type of concert you are keeping, choose your mode of payment. Do not expect all your viewers to tip you and focus on your show while the audience can decide whether they want to tip or not.


You should start promoting your concert days before you plan on coming online. If you go live all of a sudden, your audience will not be ready for it, and you will not receive many views. Instead, if you let them know early, they will make time to come online at the time of your online event. It will also help you reach out to more people before coming online, so a greater audience will await your show.

Consider time zones

Consider time zones

If you have an international audience base, make sure to find a time that is suitable for everyone. You do not want half of your audience sleeping while you are online. To solve this problem, you can also keep double events to cover both sides of the world. Take the help of Spotify analytics to find out where your maximum fans are located. You should always keep these areas your top priority to get maximum views.

Keep it authentic

In the end, just run a good show online. Be yourself and perform your songs while interacting with your audience. Keep some time in between your songs to engage with the audience and answer their questions. It will make them feel connected and will bring them back every time you hold a concert after that.

Must-Have Things During A Concert in 2020

Concert in 2020

Gone are the days when attending a concert meant simply be present at the moment and enjoy good music. That was a thing that boomers used to do. The Millenials have different demands and need better facilities and availabilities that match their lifestyle and entertainment. One cannot go to a concert empty-handed today and have a great time as the first thing they will miss is their cellphone. Social media is a part of daily life today for people, and letting a concert go without posting something about it on social media is not something a millennial or a zoomer can settle for. Here is a list of other essentials that you need today to have a great time at a concert.

Light clothes

Concerts can get heated up really quickly. Unless you are attending a concert in winters, wear light clothes that your body can breathe through. Check the weather conditions to see if you will need a waterproof jacket. Since you will be standing in a crowd, jumping and partying, you will start sweating quickly, and if you have layers of clothing, it will get difficult for you.

Light clothes


Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes to go to a concert. Wear padded socks and a comfortable pair of sneakers to relax your feet since you will be standing throughout the concert. High heels and formal shoes are not comfortable for a concert. Sneakers will help you in jumping and dancing around the concert without hurting your feet.


It is better to keep money in cash with you during a concert. Most of the stalls will have a heavy crowd, and they will not be able to manage to swipe the cards for everyone. If you are holding a card, the chances are that the stall will do their best to ignore you and serve the cash holders first.

Hair Tie

If you have long hair, you will start to feel the heat as soon as you start enjoying yourself. This tip is especially for the metalheads who grow long hair for the culture. At some point, you will need something to hold your hair up so your neck can breathe. That is why you need a hair tie.


Most of the concerts today have a tradition of holding up mobile phone flashes to make the numbers count. But lighter is still the most authentic way of lighting up the area. When a slow song comes up, you can hold your lighters up and groove with the music. It is something that should be there in every pocket in a concert. It will still work if you have your smartphone flash to do the job.


You will need smartphones for many other reasons than using it as a torch. You can call up your friends in case you get lost. You can go live on your social media and stream the concert for your profit. You can also record the show, take pictures, and edit them later to save as memories. Even if you are the old traditional person who likes to live in the moment, a single pic with your friends on occasion will do no harm.

Things to Do in A Music Concert

Music Concert

Music concerts are meant to let loose our hidden selves to loud music and a grad party where no one cares about what you do. You can be anything you want and enjoy listening to your favorite artist. You can get inspired by seeing your favorite artist on stage and get to witness them perform live, probably for the first and last time. But there is more to a concert than just listening to songs and jumping around. Here is how you can make your concert experience better.

Do not get drunk

While getting drunk may seem like the best idea for a music concert at first, it will soon turn into a bad decision if you cannot control yourself. Sure, you can have a drink or two to feel relaxed and have a good time, but if you make drinking your first priority, soon you will be sitting in the corners trying not to puke while everyone else is having fun.

Make new connections

Make new connections

Since everyone at the concert has come to see the same artist, the chances are that you will find many like-minded people starting from the same taste for music. You can join different groups during the concert and meet people who are welcoming like you. You can celebrate the event together and become lifelong friends from there to go on journeys together. Since everyone at the concert is having a good time, it will be easier for you to gel up.

Get in the pit

If you have not entered a moshpit in your any experience of concerts, you have not lived them to the fullest. Whenever there is an opportunity to jump inside a moshpit, do it. Moshpits are traditional for metal and punk concerts, but today anything is possible. Stop backing out from these pits of positive rage and jump in to be a part of something wild. No matter how foolish you may feel about it at first, you will always remember your first moshpit experience, just like every one of us.

Loosen up

Loosen up

Concerts are a place where no one cares about who you are but is a positive way. People will encourage you to enjoy more and groove to the music. You do not have to feel shy about being judged by others for your dance moves as everyone around you will be as bad as you. They will still enjoy letting themselves free for a while and do what they like doing. It is time for you to do the same. Put your dancing shoes on and burn some calories dancing however you want.

Do not have expectations

In the end, you do not have to expect anything in particular from a music concert. Come with a mindset of enjoying your evening no matter how the concert goes. Unless the artist refuses to perform, you cannot go into believing that it was not good enough to be called a perfect concert. No concert can ever be perfect for everyone. There will be errors here and there. Your expectations of a concert should be to play some good music while you have a good time with your friends.

Tips to Organize a Successful Concert


Organizing a concert at a university, club, or grand stadium requires planning and effort. Having popular artists perform on the stage or introducing new artists to people is a lot of responsibility as you need to manage everything from selling the tickets to taking care of the requirements of the artists that are performing. As an event planner, you should know these tips to organize a successful concert.

Set a budget

You cannot proceed with your plan without having a budget and sponsors for your event. Depending on the scale of your concert, figure out a realistic budget, and spend time looking for sponsors. Your expenses will include location, infrastructure, talent buying, logistics, and facilities.

Talent buying

Decide whether your event is focused on promoting or bringing an artist to your city. Find out what your audience will like the best. If you plan to host multiple artists, make sure that they all are comfortable sharing the stage. You can also connect with the new local artists to open the stage for your event.

Pitch your set

Once you have found your venue, you should begin preparing the stage for your event. Figure out what you need for the stage based on the surroundings. Consider the accommodation to the venue before picking the size of the stage. Make your venue location clear on your tickets and website so your audience can reach there without struggling. Plan your area for the event, parking, food stalls, and entry checkups to avoid overcrowding.


A significant part of your budget will be used for setting the sound system and speakers as it is the main thing that will make your concert feel alive. You also need to spend on the lights, backstage room, and food arrangements for the artists. While you take care of the arrangements on the stage, do not forget to permit alcohol consumption and noise. You will need a separate team to manage your security and legal issues.

Manage tickets

Manage tickets

You need a ticketing partner who can create and distribute your tickets to the people. Since you need to focus on managing the location and your artists, let a good ticketing partner do this job. If you need your concert to be a sold-out event, you need a ticketing partner who has a channel of distribution. There are several online ticketing systems available today. Customize your tickets and feature your artists on the front. Mention the contact information of your team’s customer support and write the terms and conditions in the backside.

Promote your concert

Now that you are ready with your artist, have the stage ready, and the tickets are ready to be sold, you need a marketing agency that can promote your event on all media channels. You can promote the event on social media accounts, put advertisements for TV channels, and send direct invites to your audience. Have billboards near the location of the event to let people know about the events. The billboards will also help the audience find the venue if the boards lead to the event location.

Why You Need to Attend A Concert At Least Once In Your Life


Music concerts are one of the biggest events that take place in the world, assembling large audiences similar to world sports events. While you may have many favorite artists in different genres, if you feel that going to a concert will not change your life, then here are ten ways to prove you wrong. Here is why you need to attend at least one music concert at least once in your life.

Open up yourself

The feeling that you will get to a music concert is something worth paying for. The loudspeakers and a crowd nothing worrying about their surroundings and having a good time will bring you out of your shy zone and give you time to be yourself. You can scream, dance, run around, jump without getting questioned for it. Your body will release more dopamine and decrease cortisol release, also known as the stress hormone.

Feel like a part of something

Feel like a part of something

When you are listening to the same people as the other thousands of people around you, you will feel like a big family or a cult that is celebrating a big event together. Also, know that all of these people also have a similar music taste as you and may also share a lot of other similarities with you. When the crowd cheers up the artists on stage, you will do the same. When the crowd starts jumping, you will jump too. You will feel more welcomed at a concert than any other event.

Burn calories

When you jump for minutes until the song ends and start jumping again for the next song, you are doing more workout than you could have done at a gym. Concerts will make you show your dance moves and enjoy yourself. Studies show that you can burn up to 400 calories dancing in a concert within an hour. You may also learn how to warm up your body quickly while having fun at a concert.

Discover new music

Discover new music

You do not have to wait for the favorite artist to arrive to go to a concert. Even when you are in a concert to listen to your favorite artist, a few bands or artists will open the set and help you get in the groove. This is an opportunity for you to discover new local artists and their genres. Maybe the artist that you listen to before your favorite artist later will become your new favorite.

Find your inspiration

If you are an artist yourself or like to see your work as an art, going to a concert will inspire you to move forward in doing what you love. When you see an artist perform live, you get really inspired by their skills and discipline in performing their set. Seeing a true artist live will always motivate you to explore your skills and work on them until you become as good as them in what you do.